Jack of All Trade, Master of One

Time has really changed. I feel like it was yesterday when I was having a conversation with my mentor, that I needed a career change, that I’d been in that specific space and industry for too long (3,5 long years). I was hungry for more and I wanted to learn.

My then manager told me that I was too young, that I should stick it out another two or three years,to get that promotion that would feed my hunger for more knowledge and more experience.

What I was told over that period or season, was that you should stay in a job for a minimum of five years, to show stability, and commitment. Job hopping, as long as it was less than a five-year stint at a company was frowned upon.

But, the more I looked into it, the more it made sense that if I wanted to challenge myself, job hopping is what I needed to do. Not the changing jobs every month or every year kind of hopping, but the strategic and well-thought-out job-hopping plan.

Needless to say, after taking the plunge, I can now proudly call myself a T-Marketer, and there has never been a better time and need for T-marketers today.

T-shaped marketers have a wide array of general knowledge about every area of marketing. But they also have acquired the skills to be an absolute expert in one specific area.

Get full value from a marketing agency that’s more than just a service provider, but your marketing partner.

This article from digital marketer describes more of what a T-shaped marketer is, why you would want to work with an agency lead by T-shaped marketers. And essentially that’s what we do at Ooh-Adz. We’re a young dynamic team of T-shaped marketers with experience in the marketing & sales industry. Ooh-Adz will go beyond regular hours to help you and your business reach new heights, wherever you are in South Africa.

We offer services that include: content creation, social media services, SEO and Digital advertising.

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